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Master T's Slave Training Volume 18

Master T does his evil and deviant wonders on this poor undeserving slave-girl. He dishes out punishment with no remorse, and I think she kind of likes it because she doesn't object. He binds her up with rope, he binds her titties with rope, he spanks her twat, and then he puts a gag mask on her along with some heavy-duty breast pumps!!! It's all here for your fetish and BDSM enjoyment!!
File Size : 1124.45 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 02:00:00 … ume_18.wmv … 8.wmv.html … 8.wmv.html

Bondage Sex 8

Stars: Natasha Flade
Poor Natasha Flade gets tied up, gag and fucked in this amateur BDSM flick! This girl goes through some real torment while her master gets off on the fact that she is completely helpless. Watch what happens to this helpless girl and see how her master treats her in this edgy film from Centaur Celluloid. Watch as her master fucks her while she's tied face down to a weight bench in the final scene!
File Size : 579.57 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 01:03:00 … _Sex_8.wmv … 8.wmv.html

Bondage Sex 9

Stars: Natasha Flade, Isaac W.
Natasha Flade and Isaac W. star in this forced blowjobs film, featuring Natasha as the bound damsel in distress and Isaac as her captor. He binds her and forces her to suck him off! Lots of damsel action: handgagging, tying, gagging, stripping, and groping! Each vignette has a plot - from the movie casting call to the lost bet and the poorly performing real estate agent! Natasha always ends up bound and going down!
File Size : 688.13 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 01:14:40 … _Sex_9.wmv … 9.wmv.html



No Mercy For The Sweet

Stars: Audrey Hollander, Riley Shy, Dylan Ryan
These girls are fresh-faced and look so sweet...and their Master loves to dominate them! He has no mercy for them when he gags and binds them sitting, standing and laying down before making them walk that fine line between pleasure and pain. Cum watch him put these girls on cloud nine with his arsenal of dildos and vibrators before making them taste the fine edge of pain when they disobey him!
File Size : 676.95 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 01:14:58 Mercy For The Sweet.wmv … t.wmv.html … t.wmv.html

Natasha's Bondage Sex 2

Stars: Tabitha Katz, Natasha Flade, Isaac W., Lydia Lyles
Natasha is one again tied up and required to be a submissive good girl and give head to her master in a couple of scenes. She is then tied up and forced to have sex on the floor of her living room. In another couple of scenes she is bound on a bed and on a pole and her mistress teases and taunts her by playing with her tender breasts.
File Size : 391.2 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 00:45:00 … _Sex_2.wmv … 2.wmv.html … 2.wmv.html

Natasha's Bondage Sex 3

Stars: Natasha Flade, Isaac W.
Some of the bondage vignettes feature damsel action and mini-plots: handgagging, a scene of complete on-screen tying from first rope to stuffer gag, stripping, cutting off panties! Natasha is forced to give head in two scenes. She's violated with a paintbrush handle in another. Natasha even ties herself to the bed and brings herself to a real orgasm on-screen!
File Size : 425.09 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 00:46:34 … _Sex_3.wmv … 3.wmv.html … 3.wmv.html



Sklavin Melanie Jeil 2

German bondage at its best! This young slut wants to be punished and is willing to do whatever her master tells this filthy whore to do. Watch as he suspends her in the air with chains, wraps rope tightly around her tits, and hangs clamps from various body parts. From pain will come pleasure!
File Size : 811.46 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 01:26:17 … Jeil_2.wmv … 2.wmv.html … 2.wmv.html

Sklavin Melanie Jeil 8

Stars: Melanie
In the eighth volume in this series, Melanie is once again ready to be controlled and punished. Wearing a black hood, Melanie is depersonalized from the beginning. She's then tied, gagged, teased, and tortured. Watch as her Master gives her the kind of sadistic treatment she's become addicted to.
File Size : 1139.81 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 02:03:00 … Jeil_8.wmv … 8.wmv.html … 8.wmv.html

Sklavin Melanie Jeil 12

Stars: Melanie
Slave Melanie begins so "innocently," with her fully clothed in jeans and a black sleeveless shirt, ball-gagged and rope-tied at the wrists and ankles. When untied, and after a few ass slaps from her master, she undresses her heavily tattooed body, keeps on her black heels and seems to mentally prepares herself. In a first, for me at lease, she tightly ties up her own tits, stopping the blood flow until both are red and swollen. After being tied by her master in a variety of ways this scene ends with her walking painfully and drooling from an arrow in her mouth. In the second scene she's corseted and rope-tied again but sitting on a metal pipe contraption. Her now burgundy tits and
File Size : 1064.66 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 01:53:00 … eil_12.wmv … 2.wmv.html … 2.wmv.html



Anal Submission Vol. 2

Stars: Lore
At KremeFresh, we've found that a well-trained slave is an anally trained slave. Slave Lore is no exception. A butt plug is a great teaching tool -- especially when she needs to be disciplined -- and she's learned that an open asshole is an excellent way to demonstrate obedience and ownership. Volume 2 features a medley of anal conditioning from ten of Lore's more challenging sessions. You'll see her stripping and spreading her cute ass cheeks for plenty of devious torment, all designed for maximum exposure and humiliation. Whether it's plugged or gaped, strict discipline of Lore's juicy backside shows why submission is a lesson best taught in a slave's ass.
File Size : 787.19 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 01:23:34 … _Vol_2.wmv … 2.wmv.html … 2.wmv.html

Domestic Disturbance 1

Stars: Sandy Simmers, Kade, Mark Frenchy
Description: There is no doubt Sandy Simmers is a HOT woman. Bring her two wimps and watch her go. She treats them like her puppets, her slaves as she fucks their asses and bites their cocks. The humiliation never lets up. She even gets a bit of cock herself. She's hot, she's Sandy Simmers.
Size: 499 MiB (523213257 bytes)
Duration: 00:46:42.010
Video #0: 651 MiB WMV3 720x480 (3:2) 29.970 fps 1 950 Kbps
Audio #0: 21.4 MiB (4%) WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps Disturbance 01.wmv … 1.wmv.html … 1.wmv.html

Domestic Disturbance 2

Stars: Andy San Dimas
Description: Andy San Dimas is a sweet young thing and she invites you home to her house, why not? What could possibly go wrong? She is insane, that's what. Watch every word you say but you will still upset her and when you do, sorry buddy, she bites your cock, ball busts you, screams, cries, fucks your ass, makes you eat her feet. Is it worth it? Hell yes... its Andy San Dimas.
Size: 417 MiB (436773257 bytes)
Duration: 00:36:00.114
Video #0: 502 MiB WMV3 720x480 (3:2) 29.970 fps 1 950 Kbps
Audio #0: 16.5 MiB (4%) WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps Disturbance 02.wmv … 2.wmv.html … 2.wmv.html



Domestic Disturbance 3

Stars: Aiden Starr, Satyr
Description: Aiden Starr finds herself with some free time so she hires herself some poor slave. She gets a bit ticked at the fact he is not quite as tall as she was expecting, perhaps that's what sets her off. Watch as this small powerhouse of a woman works this boy over good with a strap on, electro play, ball busting and some very painfully placed clothespins... OUCH!
Size: 516 MiB (541277399 bytes)
Duration: 00:36:22.319
Video #0: 507 MiB (98%) WMV3 720x404 (16:9) 29.970 fps 1 950 Kbps
Audio #0: 16.7 MiB (3%) WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps Disturbance 03.wmv … 3.wmv.html … 3.wmv.html

Anal Divas In Latex Quadrulogy 1 Divas in Latex.avi … x.avi.html … x.avi.html

Anal Divas In Latex Quadrulogy 2 … .2.CD1.avi … .2.CD2.avi … 1.avi.html … 2.avi.html … 1.avi.html … 2.avi.html



Anal Divas In Latex Quadrulogy 4 … .4.CD1.avi … .4.CD2.avi … 1.avi.html … 2.avi.html … 1.avi.html … 2.avi.html

Domestic Disturbance 4

Stars: Audrey Lords
Description: The neighbors heard the screams and slapping sounds from next door, but they would never imagine that sweet innocent young lady was laying down the law to her husband. Rumor has it Ms. Lords keeps Mr. Lords in line by torturing his dick and balls awhile she pleases him with her mouth. And if he is a really bad boy, Mrs. Lords gives him shock treatment to step back in line.
Size: 358 MiB (375765257 bytes)
Duration: 00:33:00.304
Video #0: 460 MiB WMV3 720x480 (3:2) 29.970 fps 1 950 Kbps
Audio #0: 15.1 MiB (4%) WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps Disturbance 04.wmv … 4.wmv.html … 4.wmv.html

Domestic Disturbance 5

Stars: January Seraph
Description: Talk about a serious mistress. Hold on to your hats and your balls as Mistress January Seraph works her hubby over proper. Hard punishment from this sexy soul will leave you breathless as she teaches her worthless excuse for a man the real joys of life with strap on, mouth soaping, ball busting and some electricity. All for the man she loves.
Size: 487 MiB (510677257 bytes)
Duration: 00:45:59.801
Video #0: 642 MiB WMV3 720x480 (3:2) 29.970 fps 1 950 Kbps
Audio #0: 21.1 MiB (4%) WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps Disturbance 05.wmv … 5.wmv.html … 5.wmv.html



Domestic Disturbance 6

Stars: Juelz Ventura, Kid Dynamite
Description: Juelz Ventura is so hot. Watch her as we feed her a wimp of a man. She proceeds to dress him up, ball bust him, give him some electro torture and fuck his ass good. Wow, you'll want to watch this again and again, simply too hot! Includes strap-ons, pussy worship, ass worship and ball busting!
Size: 410 MiB (429997255 bytes)
Duration: 00:38:00.652
Video #0: 530 MiB WMV3 720x480 (3:2) 29.970 fps 1 950 Kbps
Audio #0: 17.4 MiB (4%) WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps Disturbance 06.wmv … 6.wmv.html … 6.wmv.html

Domestic Disturbance 7

Stars: Julie Simone, Kid Dynamite
Description: Julie Simone is one tough woman. Go ahead and cross her, you'll soon be ballbusted, smothered by her big gorgeous ass, sucking on her huge dildo and on her lap with a big cock deep in your ass. And don't you forget to hide your balls and cock because she will no doubt get to those too! Watch as these two dudes learn all of this...THE HARD WAY!
Size: 440 MiB (461277255 bytes)
Duration: 00:38:00.223
Video #0: 530 MiB WMV3 720x480 (3:2) 29.970 fps 1 950 Kbps
Audio #0: 17.4 MiB (4%) WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps Disturbance 07.wmv … 7.wmv.html … 7.wmv.html

Domestic Disturbance 8

Stars: Heidi Mayne
Description: Heidi Mayne wants something more from her hubby, something exciting. Her wimp of a hubby just doesn't get it, so SHE MAKES HIM. In no time she has him barking like a dog, while on a leash, getting fucked in the ass. She makes him eat her feet, her ass and wraps him up like a mummy, all for her pleasure, so hot!
Size: 454 MiB (476333255 bytes)
Duration: 00:39:00.255
Video #0: 544 MiB WMV3 720x480 (3:2) 29.970 fps 1 950 Kbps
Audio #0: 17.9 MiB (4%) WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps Disturbance 08.wmv … 8.wmv.html … 8.wmv.html



Baby-Doll - Dreamlike Birthday - Dreamlike Birthday.avi … y.avi.html … y.avi.html

Anal Junkies On Cock … a.avi.html … b.avi.html

Domestic Disturbance 9

Stars: Nicki Hunter, Mark Frenchy, Kid Dynamite
Description: This sexy housewife does not play around when it comes to keeping her husband and his little friends in check, and when there's a point to be made, she knows exactly how to make it. Watch as these two guys are forced to do whatever she says...including taking a strap-on up the ass and then sucking it when she decides she done fucking them. Don't miss scene 2 when she takes "dirty mouth" to a whole new level!
Size: 922 MiB (966498741 bytes)
Duration: 01:09:57.985
Video #0: 976 MiB WMV3 720x480 (3:2) 29.970 fps 1 950 Kbps
Audio #0: 32.0 MiB (3%) WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps Disturbance 09.wmv … 9.wmv.html … 9.wmv.html



Default BDV-102 The Seduction of Scarlett

Production year: 2002
Genre: Bondage
Duration: 01:16:06
Directed by: Bryan Davis
Studio: Close-Up Concepts
In role: Jewell Marceau, Bryan Davis

Bryan shows us how patience and dominant attention can turn a complaining captive into a simpering slave. Lovely Jewell Marceau again stars as slave "Scarlett." Bryan carries her bound body over his shoulder and gently sets her down for some sexy fondling. She whines and whimpers constantly! Bryan is persistent, though, showering her with affectionate pets, squeezes and strokes. As the day progresses, Bryan's diligence begins to pay off, as Scarlett's mewls diminish in intensity. He wipes away her drool and caresses her soft skin, never letting her forget who's boss. The bondages are tough and demanding, but Scarlett must obey and she does. By evening, the once protesting prisoner has been transformed into a purring pet, even in a difficult hogtie that pulls her hair back to her feet! A very interesting video to watch as master and slave explore their roles.

Video quality: VHSRip
Video format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5.x/6.x, 720 x 480, 2485 kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3, 48000Hz, 128 kb/s tot , Joint Stereo The Seduction of Scarlett.avi … t.avi.html … t.avi.html

Domestic Disturbance 10

Stars: Jimmy Broadway, Vannah Sterling, Kid Dynamite
Description: Vannah Sterling, the hardworking wife. All she wants is her obedient hubby to take care of the house. When she walks in to find the kitchen in shambles, boy does shit hit the fan. Not only does she work her worthless man over, she takes on his friend as well. Enjoy her Greek verbal humiliation, as you watch strap on work, forced feminization, ass and foot worship as well as a good dose of BALL BUSTING... enjoy.
Size: 393 MiB (412354989 bytes)
Duration: 00:48:25.764
Video #0: 408 MiB WMV3 720x480 (3:2) 29.970 fps 1 177 Kbps
Audio #0: 22.2 MiB (6%) WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps Disturbance 10.wmv … 0.wmv.html … 0.wmv.html

Domestic Disturbance 11

Stars: Kelly Divine
Description: This thief will think twice before he enters a dark room again. Kelly Divine will make sure of that. Her hubby is a true wimp, so what's a girl to do? She slaps, hits and fucks his ass. And the thief? He gets to watch, after he's wrapped up by our Superwoman, his cock gets bitten and she even makes him eat his own cum.
Size: 356 MiB (373501257 bytes)
Duration: 00:32:43.229
Video #0: 456 MiB WMV3 720x480 (3:2) 29.970 fps 1 950 Kbps
Audio #0: 15.0 MiB (4%) WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps Disturbance 11.wmv … 1.wmv.html … 1.wmv.html



Date with Destiny

Released:   05/2002
Studio Name:   Gwen Media
Director:   Ian Rath
Stars:   Jean Bardot   Emily Marilyn   Mistress Jean   Sam Slaven   Vanessa James 
Categories: Fetish   BDSM   Femdom   Rubber/Latex 
Description:   Beautiful Sarah is unsure of her feelings. She decides that she definitely wishes to be under the control of the striking Mistress Rebecca. To be sure that Sarah will not walk away again, Mistress Rebecca imposes a strict set of rules. The plot gets even more intense as Sarah’s friend Michelle is brought into the picture. Featuring: Mistress Jean & Vanessa James. … estiny.avi … y.avi.html

GwenMedia - Rubberella - The Facility - The Facility - 01 - The Beginning.avi - The Facility - 02 - Scene 1 (1st Alternative).avi - The Facility - 03 - Scene 1 (2nd Alternative).avi - The Facility - 04 - Scene 2 (1st Alternative).avi - The Facility - 05 - Scene 2 (2nd Alternative).avi - The Facility - 06 - The Rest of Story.avi … g.avi.html … -_Scene_1_(1st_Alternative).avi.html … -_Scene_1_(2nd_Alternative).avi.html … -_Scene_2_(1st_Alternative).avi.html … -_Scene_2_(2nd_Alternative).avi.html … y.avi.html … g.avi.html … -_Scene_1_(1st_Alternative).avi.html … -_Scene_1_(2nd_Alternative).avi.html … -_Scene_2_(1st_Alternative).avi.html … -_Scene_2_(2nd_Alternative).avi.html … y.avi.html

Der Sadisten-Zirkel # 15 (2011)

BDSM, Bondage, Fetisch, All Sex

1407,92 Mb

Annaconda Bjorn der Morgenstern Blacky Master Dayhan

Der Sadisten-Zirkel wird dieses Mal reprasentiert
durch Master Dayhan und Bjorn, dem Morgenstern. Zwei blutjunge Novizinnen geben sich heute demutig
in die Hande der beiden sadistischen Meister und wollen hier ihre Ausbildung vollenden. Qualen und Demutigungen werden die nachsten Wochen der standige Begleiter der beiden Eigentumer sein.
Werden sie die Schmerzen ertragen?

Video: 608x336 (1.81:1), 25 fps, XviD build 50 ~1507 kbps avg, 0.29 bit/pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~132.72 kbps Sadisten-Zirkel #15.avi … 5.avi.html … 5.avi.html



Geheime Lust der Perversionen … sionen.avi … n.avi.html … n.avi.html

Face Fuckers (2011)

Zuzana Z. (Susanne), Susan Snow, Veronica Diamond, Laura Crystal, Ally

Face Fuckers. Sexsense

XVID, Size:576x320 pixels, Frame rate:29.97fps, Bit rate:1519 Kbps [Video 0]
MPEG Audio Layer 3, Sample rate:48000Hz, stereo, Bit rate:128 Kbps [Audio 1] … rs-cd1.avi … rs-cd2.avi … 1.avi.html … 2.avi.html … 1.avi.html … 2.avi.html

Femdom Ass Worship 4

Jack Vegas, Rosie De Luna, Phoenix Marie, Kris Slater, Nika Noir, Eva Angelina, Eric Jover

Director Glenn King's MeanBitch Productions presents a kinky cross-section of dominant female scenarios (and "ass-ociated" fetishes) in FemDom Ass Worship 4. Each of four scenes stars an authoritative, verbally abusive, dramatically dressed beauty exploring some wicked category of fem-dom degradation. All scenes start with a POV segment in which the lady looks directly into the camera to spew her vile shit-talking at you, the masturbating wimp at home, and to put her shapely-but-unattainable ass in your unworthy face for worship. These POV segments are immediately followed by full-on ass worship and humiliation in which the Mistress imposes her personal brand of domination upon an on-camera wimp

576x320 (1.80:1), 29.970 fps, XviD build 55 ~1205 kbps avg, 0.22 bit/pixel
48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~124.63 kbps avg … ip.4_a.avi … ip.4_b.avi … a.avi.html … b.avi.html … a.avi.html … b.avi.html



FemDom Ass Worship 5

Angel Vain, Isis Love, Jack Vegas, Jay Ashley, Kelly Divine, Mya Nichole, Tom Dong

Director Glenn King's MeanBitch Productions and Buttman Magazine Choice present FemDom Ass Worship 5, perhaps the nastiest and most psychologically penetrating volume of the wicked face-sitting/ass fetish series

576x320 (1.80:1), 29.970 fps, XviD build 50 ~942 kbps avg, 0.17 bit/pixel
48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~135.76 kbps avg … w5-cd1.avi … w5-cd2.avi … 1.avi.html … 2.avi.html

Gothic Media - Clit Lovers 2 Lovers 2.mkv … 2.mkv.html

Gothic Media - Addicted To Latex … olatex.avi … x.avi.html



Genuine Black Label - Obedience Lesson


Xvid 384x272 25.00fps 920kbps
MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 122kbps

699 mb Black Label - Obedience Lesson.avi … n.avi.html … n.avi.html

Gothic Media - Latex Confidential … al_DVD.wmv … D.wmv.html … D.wmv.html Fixation.wmv … n.wmv.html



Gothic Media - Rubber Manor Manor.avi Manor BTS.avi … S.avi.html … r.avi.html

Videorama - Gummi, Lack und Peitschenhiebe, Lack und Peitschenhiebe.avi … e.avi.html,_Lac … e.avi.html

Latex Dominatrix

Jean Bardot, Mistress Sandra and Claudia

Mistress Jean meets Mistress Sandra in Vienna. After a wonderful afternoon touring the city in a horse-drawn carriage (in Latex, of course), the two get down to business. The helpless latex covered slave is at their mercy, but, they suddenly turn their attention to the tall, slim latex clad Claudia.
Watch closely as they drill her long fingernails and lock her beneath the latex slave. They are both at the Mistress's mercy!

512x384 (1.33:1), 23.976 fps, DivX Codec 5.1 ~1599 kbps avg, 0.34 bit/pixel
48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg Press Latex Dominatrix (50Min36).avi … ominatrix_(50Min36).avi.html … ominatrix_(50Min36).avi.html



Harmony Concepts - Gangbound 2

Bondage, Fetish, No Sex


Harmony Concepts

Hollywood, Jewell Marceau, Amber Michaels, Mary Jane, Chanta Rose, Karina Santos

Xvid 720x540 29.97fps 1497kbps
MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps Concepts - Gangbound 2.part01.rar Concepts - Gangbound 2.part02.rar Concepts - Gangbound 2.part03.rar Concepts - Gangbound 2.part04.rar Concepts - Gangbound 2.part05.rar Concepts - Gangbound 2.part06.rar Concepts - Gangbound 2.part07.rar Concepts - Gangbound 2.part08.rar Concepts - Gangbound 2.part09.rar … 2.avi.html … 1.rar.html … 2.rar.html … 3.rar.html … 4.rar.html … 5.rar.html … 6.rar.html … 7.rar.html … 8.rar.html … 9.rar.html

Harmony Concepts - JS-1 - Bound Betties

Bondage, Fetish


Mary Jane, Paige Richards

Xvid 720x480 25.00fps 978kbps
MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps Concepts - JS-1 - Bound Betties.avi … s.avi.html … s.avi.html

hf_38 … ull.hi.mp4 … i.mp4.html



Inflagranti - Brennpunkt Latex … l.avi.html

Notgeile Nylon Nixen

Fetish, Nylon, Straight, Lesbians, Amateur


BIG PACK – das ist mehr als ein gewohnliches Porno-Potpourri im XXL-Format. Wir prasentieren euch – auf eure besonderen Vorlieben zugeschnitten – eine Sammlung hei?er Hardcore-Szenen mit den aufregendsten und geilsten Erotikstars, die unser Land zu bieten hat. Ungekurzt, unzensiert und in deutscher Originalsprache.

Качество видео: DVDRip Формат видео: AVI Видео кодек: XviD Аудио кодек: MP3
Видео: 576x432 (1.33:1), 25 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~895 kbps avg, 0.14 bit/pixel Аудио: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~133.72 kbps avg - Notgeile Nylon Nixen.part1.rar - Notgeile Nylon Nixen.part2.rar - Notgeile Nylon Nixen.part3.rar - Notgeile Nylon Nixen.part4.rar … n.avi.html … 1.rar.html … 2.rar.html … 3.rar.html … 4.rar.html

Jay Edwards - jev100 - D-Cup Discipline 2


Five beautiful, ultra-busty girls, ten sexy bondage scenes -- wow! Petite blonde Ginger stands in the basement, her gag affixed to the ceiling as Jay applies tight bondage to her huge, tanned tits. Kneeling against a short post, Ginger can only squirm as Jay changes her gag, ties her tits and clamps her nipples. Sexy Shay is silenced on-screen with a Bishop gag and wriggles as Jay binds her elbows together and strangles her huge boobs with tight ropes. She then jingles her bell-ballgag as her fold-up bondage on a stool is cranked up into a full suspension. Well-known big-tit star Donita is shamed by the drool running freely past her ballgag and she can only moan as Jay tightly binds and slaps her jumbo tits. More on-screen tit bondage and Jay's rough hands show her who the boss is. Lovely Alexis endures a strict back-bender that really tests her limits. She whimpers past the dowel gag when Jay puts the C-clamps to her brown nipples. Tied to the slave chair, she is tit-bound on-screen and her eyes get wide at the huge wad of cloth Jay stuffs into her mouth and seals in with white med-wrap. Nipple clamps to the ceiling finish her off completely. Blonde porn star Rikki is ready to enjoy her crotchrope as Jay manhandles her big breasts from behind (she almost works herself right off the stool!) Then she wriggles in the slave chair and Jay changes her gag and clamps her nipples, all on camera. She desperately wants to come but will Jay let her?

720x540 30.00fps 354Kbps
44.1Hz stereo 96.5Kbps Edwards - jev100 - D-Cup Discipline 2.rm … _2.rm.html … _2.rm.html



Jay Edwards - jev157 - The Blondage Files


As we open, Jay is just getting home when he notices that familiar black wooden box sitting on his front step. Opening the locked box, he is delighted to find pretty Sydney all trussed up inside. Sydney, on the other hand, seems more than a bit distressed at her situation, but that’s just too bad for her, isn’t it? Jay hauls her out of the box and inspects the merchandise before clamping her little nipples and leaving her there on the pavement to struggle for a bit. Next, we find poor Sydney inside the house, struggling to balance on one stiletto-clad foot, as her other leg has been lashed up to a post. Ropes tightly harness her body, but the addition of nipple clamps *really* gets her squirming! This lithe blonde’s trouble is just beginning, though. During her stay in Master Jay’s care she endures a taut frogtie, a seated strappado position on a tall stool, a humiliating spread-legged tie on the girlie-go-round, and a severe, on-camera hogtie...not to mention all the fat ballgags, strict elbow-roping, cruel crotchropes and a seemingly endless array of clamps on her tender nipples! Next up is a new addition to the Edwards stable, Britney! This blonde seems a bit more at home in Jay’s excruciatingly tight ropework, or maybe she is just losing herself in “subspace.” At any rate, she handles elbow-bondage like a seasoned pro and her plump breasts look so delightful, all cinched down like that! A strappado makes for easy-access ass-spanks and those onscreen gag changes are simply awesome. Britney’s whimpers will have you wanting to jump into the screen and rescue her...or maybe even add to her frustration!

512x340 29.00fps 386Kbps
44.1Hz mono 64.1Kbps Edwards - jev157 - The Blondage Files.rm … es.rm.html … es.rm.html

Jewell Marceau Productions Playing with Fire

Running Time:   71 minutes
Studio Name:   Jewell Marceau Productions
Series:   Playing With Fire - Jewell Marceau Production
Director:   Jewell Marceau
Stars:   Jewell Marceau   Lydia McLane 
Categories: Fetish   Big Tits   BDSM   Femdom   All Girl 
Description:   Jewell tries her hand at fulfilling her fantasy at playing "Domme" with the wrong girl! Fiery red head, Lydia Mclane shows Jewell what it takes to be a real Domme and puts Jewell back in her place! Another sure fire hit from Jewell Marceau's fetish movies! Playing With Fire. … h_Fire.avi … e.avi.html … e.avi.html

Jewell Marceau Productions Still Playing with fire

Jewell still can't resist her fascination with the lovely, red head Darby so she decides to join her sexy friend for afternoon tea. To Jewell's surprise and dismay, Darby begins to show signs of very disturbing behavior. Not only does she strangely interact with imaginary guests at tea time, but she also convinces Jewell that being tied up in her ropes will give Jewell a completely different perspective on things. With tons of rope, lot's of different bondage positions, gags, and a pantyhose incasement scene, Jewell realizes that her ultra sexy friend Darby has lost her marbles! Jewell decides she must take action against Darby by a confrontation that leads straight into a hair pulling, belly punching catfight between the two pantyhose clad girls! Jewell manages to knock the crazy red head out and quickly restrains her in a straight jacket, leather restraints, and some tight head bondage to keep her still and quiet. This gives Jewell the opportunity she needs to call the authorities and then make her escape.
Country: USA
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Lesbians
Studio: Jewell Marceau Productions
Director: Jewell Marceau
Duration: 01:48:00
Starring: Jewell Marceau, Darbi

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: 512*384, 1486 kbps - 1496 kbps, 25.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 61 kbps
Size of archive: 452 Mb
File size: 0.9 GB … h_fire.wmv … e.wmv.html … e.wmv.html



Kittens 13 … 1_2500.wmv … 2_2500.wmv … 3_2500.wmv … 4_2500.wmv … 5_2500.wmv … 0.wmv.html … 0.wmv.html … 0.wmv.html … 0.wmv.html … 0.wmv.html

Jewells Pussy Slave

Running Time:   68 minutes
Studio Name:   Jewell Marceau Productions
Stars:   Jewell Marceau 
Categories: Fetish   Big Tits   BDSM   Femdom   All Girl 
Description:   Jewell Marceau dominates Seven with a twinkle in her eye. Thinking her friend is a submissive push over, Jewell takes full advantage of Seven by keeping her tied until Jewell's pussy is thoroughly satisfied. Then Seven gives Jewell a taste of her own medicine! … _Slave.wmv … e.wmv.html … e.wmv.html

Jewells Favorite Abductors 1 Jon Woods

Running Time:   78 minutes
Studio Name:   Jewell Marceau Productions
Director:   Jewell Marceau
Stars:   Jewell Marceau   Blaze (f)   Dominic Wolfe   Jon Woods 
Categories: Amateur   Fetish   Big Tits   BDSM   Male Domination   Big Natural Breasts 
Description:   Jewell Marceau gets bullied and manipulated endlessly in this latest video release, as her continuous misfortune leads her lucky captors and their keen abilities for rope, straight for her voluptuous body! … _Woods.wmv … s.wmv.html … s.wmv.html



LARISSA GOLD - Blutjung & sehr bose! (2011)

Fetish, Hardcore, FemDom, All Sex, Masturbation, Dildo


LARISSA GOLD, Fiona F., Sarah Dark, Jana

Xvid 576x320 25.00fps 928Kbps
MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 126kbps GOLD - Blutjung & sehr bose.avi … e.avi.htmlцse.avi.html

LARISSA GOLD - Blutjung & sehr bose! #2 (2011)

Fetish, Hardcore, FemDom, Nylon/Stocking, Spanking, Strap-On, Oral, All Sex


Xvid 576x320 25.00fps 1017Kbps
MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 129kbps GOLD - Blutjung & Sehr Bose #2.avi … 2.avi.htmlцse_2.avi.html

LARISSA GOLD: Inzest, TV, Analfisting (2011)

Fetisch, Faust/Fisting, Latex/Gummi/Leder, Strap On, Inzest/Familie Sex, BDSM, Anal, Lesben


Video: 576x320 (1.80:1), 25 fps, XviD build 50 ~803 kbps avg, 0.17 bit/pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~129.96 kbps avg: GOLD - Inzest - TV - Analfisting.avi … g.avi.html … g.avi.html



Lady Kate - Slave To Abuse Kate - Slave To Abuse.wmv … e.wmv.html … e.wmv.html

Lashed In Latex In Latex.avi … x.avi.html

Les Deesses Diaboliques - Wuff Wuff Deesses Diaboliques.avi … s.avi.html … s.avi.html



Femdom Ass Worship 7 (2011)

Gonzo, Fetish, FemDom, Smothering

01:11:40 + 01:04:45 + 00:51:45

Alexis Texas, Courtney Cummz, Kyle Stone, Eric Jover , Nika Noir, Jake Malone, Brittany Andrews , Billy Lane

Produced by Glenn King for the Buttman Magazine Choice line of videos, FemDom Ass Worship 7 is another sultry parade of contemptuous face-sitting ladies who use their incredible buttocks to put pathetic male worms in their proper place. Each mean bitch starts things off with a sensuous, cruel POV ass tease, talking smack directly at the viewer and taunting us with her unattainable bum cheeks

576x320 (1.80:1), 29.97 fps, XviD build 50 ~1504 kbps avg, 0.23 bit/pixel
48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.43 kbps avg … p7-cd1.avi … p7-cd2.avi … p7-cd3.avi … 1.avi.html … 2.avi.html … 3.avi.html … 1.avi.html … 2.avi.html … 3.avi.html

FemDom Ass Worship 8 (2011)

Gonzo, Fetish Movies, FemDom, Smothering


Brooke Haven, Nicki Hunter, Kris Slater, Hillary Scott, Jack Vegas, Guy Di Silva, Kianna Dior, Kyle Stone

Big-titted Asian MILF Kianna Dior is the mean bitch boss who takes sexual harassment too far when she makes poor Jack (lucky Jack?) kiss her ass and feet and then eat her pussy just to keep his job. Another humiliating scenario features gorgeous blonde Brooke Haven in a confrontation with a former slave who's been ordered by his therapist to face his fears. He's far from cured... in fact he winds up with his face buried ears-deep in that incredible bubble butt. Auburn-haired cover girl Nicki Hunter does her work in a dark dungeon where her victim is forced to use his mouth to insert her favorite dildo in her pussy because his hands are all tied up! Leggy Hillary Scott uses her bare feet to stomp on Guy DiSilva's dreams. She sits on his face and smothers whatever dignity he had left... all for the viewing pleasure of MeanBitch Productions' loyal fans, who love to see men take a backseat to the most beautiful boss bitches around.

576x320 (1.80:1), 23.976 fps, XviD build 63 ~1056 kbps avg, 0.24 bit/pixel
48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~127.98 kbps avg … a.avi.html … b.avi.html

Lashed In Latex 2 In Latex 2.avi … 2.avi.html



Cheeks 12 … 2.wmv.html

And Then There Were Four - And Then There Were Four.avi … r.avi.html … r.avi.html

Sexy Bondage 6

Running Time:   84 minutes
Studio Name:   Anton Productions
Stars:   Sinn Sage   Charlie Laine   Sammie Rhodes 
Categories: Fetish   BDSM   All Girl 
Description:   Sexy Bound Sluts! 6 hot chicks are tied up and teased in these intensely hot scenarios! Charlie, Sammie and Sinn are sorority girls. Their prank turns into a night of hot bondage and sexy games. Darby and Allison Whyte are co-workers who play with bondage in their spare time. Stunning Tiffany Taylor is brought to super-sexy mistress Anastasia Pierce for some hot bondage training! Bondage 6.avi … 6.avi.html



Cheeks 13 13.wmv … 3.wmv.html

Cheeks 14 14.wmv … 4.wmv.html

Le Violeur


Karen Lancaume, Oceane, Kim, Stephanie B.

DivX 3 368x272 25.00fps 1427kbps [Stream 00]
MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 191kbps [Stream 01] Violeur (Karen Lancaume, Oceane).avi … e_Violeur_(Karen_Lancaume__Oceane).avi.html,_Oceane).avi.html



Latex Hardcore 2 … _2500k.wmv … _2500k.wmv … _2500k.wmv … _2500k.wmv … _2500k.wmv … k.wmv.html … k.wmv.html … k.wmv.html … k.wmv.html … k.wmv.html … k.wmv.html … k.wmv.html … k.wmv.html

Latex Hardcore Vol. 1 … _2500k.wmv … _2500k.wmv … _2500k.wmv … _2500k.wmv … k.wmv.html … k.wmv.html … k.wmv.html … k.wmv.html … k.wmv.html

Latextrem - Erotic Dreams in Latex Dreams in Latex.avi … x.avi.html … x.avi.html



Magma - Neue Sklaven fur die Domina Sklaven fur die Domina.avi

Marquis - Pony Girls 2 … ip-AK3.avi … 3.avi.html … 3.avi.html

Penis Gag Sex Ride … x_Ride.wmv … e.wmv.html … e.wmv.html


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